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We are the Oravecs from Angels Camp, California

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Long Train Runnin'


Well the pistons keep on churnin' and the wheels go 'round and 'round.

And the steel rails are cold and hard for the miles that they go down.

Without love, where would you be right now?

Without love, where would you be now?

- Tom Johnston


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What's New

Celebrating Denni's xxth Birthday!

A Retrospective of Tim as he Celebrates his 30th Birthday

A Mother's Day Full House

Ryland Peters joined the family

Colton Oravec - The Next Gen Oravec

Maureen the Queen through the Years

We Moved to Angels Camp, CA!

Mariah's First Birthday in America

Andrea Turns 30

Sam Makes Us Smile All the Time



Family Stuff

2009 Kantorak Family Reunion

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Family Picnics

Karen Oravec Wheeler Celebrates a Milestone Birthday

Updated Pictures of the Kids and their Families

2007 Michael & Andrea's Wedding

2007 Jacie & Christian's Wedding

2006 Kantorak Family Reunion

2006 Hallie Deegan's Wedding


Road Trips

Grumpy Old Men on Vacation in Palm Desert

San Francisco Tours

2007 Hot August Nights in Reno

2007 Tournament of Roses

2005 Southwest National Parks



Visit the Deegan Family website (www.deegan.us)

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