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The ancestral home of the Zurlinden and Jäger families

Jean Zurlinden and Anna Maria Jäger were married in Masevaux, Haut Rhin, France on June 2, 1704. 

We have traced the Zurlinden family tree back to Joannes Jacobus Zurlinden in the mid-1650's in Masevaux and the Jäger family tree back to Nicolaus Jäger born in 1550 in Masevaux. 

Learn more about the Zurlinden family genealogical research we did in Masevaux.


The Abbaye was built in the 8th century.

Place Clemenceau, the center of town. The pharmacy was once a home owned by the Jäger family.

The paddle wheel belonged to the factory Burcklé, wool industry which manufactured harnesses. The Zurlindens and Jägers were tailors and cobblers.

Rue du Maréchal Foch. Family ancestors walked these same streets over 400 years ago!

Église St. Martin was originally built in 1786.

Looking down on Masevaux.

The Mairie (town hall) was where we did our genealogical research.

There were flowers everywhere.

Someone's home.

Rue du Maréchal Foch.

Girls playing in one of the town fountains.

Hostellerie Alsacienne

Jim & Denni ready to savor some Alsacian food.

Ready for dinner at the Hostellerie Alsacienne.

The room key

The room was small, but comfortable.


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