Yosemite 2005

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A Tough Break to Start the New Year!


In the shadow of Half Dome at the Yosemite Ice Rink
There once was a skater named Denni
Whose brown hockeys did most people envy
She had to go home
When she fell 'neath Half Dome
And fractured her wrist into many. 

Just to show you that year isn't over until the ball drops, you can see from the picture that we had another setback before the end of 2005.  Denni & Jim went to Yosemite for a few days after Christmas and had a great time in a magnificent National Park.  Then we went ice skating.

Now, it's been a few years (10+) since we've been on the ice, so we were a bit shaky as we started.  Denni made it to the far side of the rink, one-half lap, and took a spill.  She landed on her outstretched left arm and fractured her wrist and her pride. 

The emergency staff at Yosemite took good care of her, but she underwent surgery when we returned home.  The doctor inserted a permanent titanium plate underneath her wrist so that it would heal correctly and avoid complications later in life.  Now she's a card-carrying member of the metal-in-the-body club.

While 2005 wasn't such a bad year, we're looking forward to a better 2006.

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