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Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!  

The Catawba Island Girls of 1967

That's Debbie Flynn, Eileen Kelly, Bev Britz, Denni and Suzzy Flood.  While Jim & Denni met earlier in the summer of 1967, it was during a visit to Catawba where the girls were vacationing that the relationship sparked.

     Ralph Bruner (1948 - 2001) New Year's Eve '68

Ralph was a part of our lives since the late 1960's. Some of you may remember Ralph as my best man when Denni & I were married in 1970; some of you may remember Ralph from the summers at Catawba Island; I remember Ralph and his wife Eileen as the people who introduced Denni to me at that fateful party in the summer of '67.


Jim as Joe Klimaski's Best Man in 1973


My children remember Ralph both as my friend and their friend. Ralph made it a point to get to know them and worked at keeping up a relationship with them. Each of them did a report on Kent State in their high school history class because Ralph was at Kent and provided them with so much information and insight into that tragic event.

Here's to you, Ralph, for all the fun you brought into our lives for so many years. We were indeed fortunate to have you as a friend.  Peace be with you.




Michael's Cafe hasn't changed much since the 60's!


Jim & Denni served breakfast in bed to Ed & Diane (1983)