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Rollin' on the River!

The Whole Damp Ed Oravec Family, those who took the raft together, had a great time recently in Gatlinburg, TN.  In front, Dave Oravec actually does have an oar-- he's just balancing it on his knee!  After this trip, Ginny and Dave took the "upper river" trip, faced some serious rapids, and loved it.
Brian Oravec in a "Thrill Cat" kayak before he took a dip in the river while learning to surf the rapids. He gave us all a scare (and swallowed a lot of river water) before he was able to climb back into the raft.
Madison Oravec and Dave Wheeler in their "Thrill Cat" kayaks. Madison was the youngest (and some say the most graceful) Thrill Cat rider in the group. Her dad could have taken lessons from her! Dave Wheeler set out on the river trip just minutes after completing a 5-hour car trip from Cincinnati to meet us on the river.